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Transforming your Home with Custom Made Art Part 1 - Pastel Colours

Updated: Jul 2, 2018

Art in any home is a personal statement. This is especially true when the piece adorning your wall is something that you have had made to fit your home perfectly. There is something satisfying and exciting about having a piece of art you not only chose but had a hand in designing.

Creation is a journey. Custom art work is the opportunity to place your experience, feelings and very soul onto a canvas. Many of us have the eye for art within us but can lack the technical skill an artist has. Commissioning custom artwork from artists like Giovanni Kennedy is an opportunity to release that creative and innovative spirit in a full rounded, often exhilarating experience. The idea that a space you love and nurtured to a design that fits your personality can be amplified by having custom artwork is one that people dream of. The fact is you feel like a collector, your home is your gallery. The walls adorned with the work you desired. Your dining room becomes your great hall. You welcome your guests and invite them to view your artwork and, in a way, your very being. The value of owning something you dreamt of and reflects your home and yourself creatively is immeasurable.

The beauty of having a piece of art that allows the eyes to find the centre of the room and rest is something that has become incredibly popular in interior design in recent years. As our lives become more and more hectic it has never been more important to find that focus and rest. Pastel Colours are fantastic at bringing a sense of relaxation and calm in to the home. We have seen this with decor trends all over the world in recent years. Where home owners who enjoy a splash of colour in their homes have begun to bring the pastel shades into their rooms to help calm their lives. This creates a sanctuary in the home, whether it is there to brighten your morning and improve your mood or just to be a reassuring moment of peace when you arrive home from a busy day at work.

It becomes a vital staple within the home.

Subject matter for these custom pieces can be difficult. For some people an abstract piece offers more of a long term journey with the art. After all, the impression the art leaves on you will change as time goes by. You will discover new meaning within the art you find such solace in. This is a truly amazing phenomenon. A piece of art you had control in the design of will show you new realms of yourself everyday.

The industrial home decor revolution has become very popular. The "warehouse" look with metal and concrete help to create a chic modern feel with in the home. The feel of the vintage metals in stark comparison to the cold colours within the concrete create a minimal atmosphere and a strong oxymoron in the design due to the rough and streamlined being placed together to complete a look. Within this growing trend, colour accents are becoming increasing important especially within the home, where some soft furnishings are often required. Using the abstract pastel paintings it helps to compliment soft furnishings and bring in a more homely feel to the decor without compromising on the industrial theme. The framing of the painting in a copper or concrete frame even adds to the streamline effect of the decor whilst the painting brings in more of the raw elements seen in this trend.

Download our brochure on our Non Figurative Abstract Pastel Colours, Custom Collection.


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