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Welcome to our In House Art Design Consultancy

Our artist is happy to visit you in your home and by answering a few short questions, you'll provide the information we need to put together a selection of artworks chosen especially for you.


Do any of these styles match the kind of art you are looking for?

  • Abstract

  • Impressionist

  • Surrealism

  • Pop Art

  • Figurative

  • Realism

  • Landscape

  • Flower Composition

  • Seascape

  • Portrait


Do You Need any specific shape like horizontal, vertical, square or round shape?

What size of paintings are you looking for?

  • Small 60cm x 50 cm

  • Medium 120cm x 60 cm

  • Large 150cm x 70 cm

  • Extra-large 180cm x 90 cm or even bigger


Select the style of the rooms where you wish to hang your new artwork

  • Contemporary

  • Traditional/Classic

  • Modern

  • Eclectic


What is your budget?

What amount are you comfortable spending?