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Giovanni Kennedy

Artist Profile

Watercolor Paints

Giovanni Kennedy was born and bread in Hungary and did his university studies in Budapest but Giovanni has been living and working in his art studio for the last 25 years in Bentleigh, Victoria, Australia.


Giovanni creates a wide range of impressionist, surrealistic and abstract oil paintings on canvas.

Giovanni's key themes are historic Melbourne icons such as Flinder's Street Station, the historic Melbourne Tram, St. Kilda Pier and the Royal Botanical Garden.


Giovanni's ambition is to portray these Melbourne icons to the best traditions of impressionist, abstract and surrealistic styles. Giovanni is passionate about his adopted country, Australia and his original artwork radiates his deep love of his new home country.


Giovanni has a great admiration of the multicultural society of Australia and he is proud of his contribution to the better understanding of the Australian way of life. All his paintings are happy, full of vibrant colors, and they radiate his optimistic views and forward looking philosophy of life. He believes in "what you see is what you get".


Giovanni has spent considerable time to study the artistic work of Hieronymus Bosch, Vincent Van Gogh, Salvador Dali and the world famous Hungarian artist, Csontvari Kosztka Tivadar. He spent two years in Paris studying masterpieces in the most famous museums like The Louvre and Giovanni joined a group of artists creating and selling  their artwork in the famous suburb of Paris, the Cartier Latin in Montmarte, the home of contemporary avantguard artists. That's where Giovanni's understanding of art comes from as to what type of artwork people like in their home and how modern artwork contributes to a tasteful home decor.


Giovanni's mission is very simple and art is an important part of our homes and it must be readily available at a reasonable price to all the people who genuinely interested to have artwork in their homes.straight forward, he believes  that

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