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Mark a Moment with Art - Having Your Portrait Painted

Updated: Nov 28, 2023

There is something so personal about having your portrait painted. Something so much more unique than a snap of a camera and a whirl of a printer. The subtly of your body language and your disposition laid bare on a canvas. A painted portrait is not just a snap shot of how you look at that moment. It is a snap shot of your emotions and personality. Some would even say it can show a little of your soul.

When an artist creates his or her rendition of you, it demonstrates so much more of your life. It is more intimate and more loving. The personal touches of the artist being able to discuss what you want your painting to say to the world is vital. The piece of art created unique in every way.

"Art is an extension of language - an expression of sensations too subtle for words" Robert Henri

Why should you have your portrait painted?

The first and clear statement to answer this question has to be in regard of confidence. The confidence that only a painting of yourself can give. The way it highlights and beautifies your delicate flaws that a camera only acts to amplify in your likeness. It gives rise to the notion that every part of you is worthy of being art. If you believe, like many do, that all art is beautiful. Then that beauty in the form of confidence will radiate from you also.

Portraits are a long passed on tradition. Even caveman drew primitive portraiture. As society has risen through the years so has portraiture and it's place in the home. There are the obvious fundamental functions of a portrait, of course, as a recording of a likeness. However the idea and the use of portraits has gone further than that in society. They denote power, wealth and prosperity. They capture not only a moment in time but the personality and psychology of those pictured. Something that is so precious especially in today's society where technology is at the forefront. A camera or a phone will never give you the same sense of belonging in your our skin that a painted portrait will.

Giovanni Kennedy - The artists thoughts behind painting a Portrait

The artist becomes a very important part of the emotional process of creating a portrait which gives a true reflection of a person's appearance, personality and character. Even the body and soul of the person being painted is reflected in the work. The artist is completely involved in trying to uncover all the unspoken and hidden elements of the personality of the subject as this forms the emotional background and determines the true character of a portrait.

There is nothing new about portraiture. If you take a tour in the Buckingham Palace you can see lots of beautiful and world famous paintings of kings, dukes and queens and you will discover how different they all are. There are kings who look very serious about ruling their empire and there are other kings who are portrayed as happy and easy going as if life was an ongoing hunting excursion full of pleasantries like glorious dames, powerful stallions and food, drink and entertainment in excess.

Well, the artist’s role is to find out about the person’s personality as much as possible and create a theme or a background story which compliments the physical appearance of the person and tells the story of a person's life in full.

A testimonial about a recent custom portrait:

"When we first gave you our photo on the beach we were wondering why you took such a long time to get back to us. To be quite honest we were most surprised that you asked for our permission to create our portrait as a Titanic theme. Well you have done the unthinkable, you painted us into the eternity. We still cannot believe that this glorious creation is us and it lives in our home. Thank you Giovanni you have done a great job."

Mohan and Indira

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