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Post-Picasso Dame of Eternal Beauty

Post-Picasso Dame of Eternal Beauty

This is one of my original designs developed in my search of excellence in the most complex world of abstract art.

I have always been attracted and mesmerized by the innovative abstract compositions created by Pablo Picasso and in my website you can find this example resonating the spiritual world of the Guernica as well as some Besutiful Spanish Ladies reminding Picasso's Two Face Lady

This painting has a powerful message about how our most constructive ideas erupt through the gates of our spiritual mind and manifest themselves in roaring outcry of emotional disruptions overpowering our rational mind which is looking for law and order but instead creates lots of unsettled angry feelings which in the end settle down in a grotesque smile on our face.

Maybe you can pick up the radiating energy of revitalized life what this painting is all about.

I created this jumbo size painting for my customer

and I would be thrilled to do it for you now in the required size

I am hopeful that my proposed art piece will meet and exceede your expectations.

Looking forward to working on this exciting project with you.

This painting has been sold but can be re-created in any size and any colour composition to suit my customer's feature wall

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