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Impressionist and post-impressionist style is one of the most dominent art trends in the 18th and 19th century and the most famous museums showcasing them them as their main attraction to the art loving public.

However the new generation of 21st century artists re-invented and re-engineered this glorious style and they have come up with this new wave of avantguarde neo- impressionist style which preserves the best traditions of impressionist and post-impressionist design and in the most creative way they add the 21st century flavour and touch in a surprisingly innovstive way.

Enjoy magnificient interpretations of this brand new neo-impressionist style the way Giovanni does through the exhillirating artistic experience of creating these ultra modern art pieces to decorate our 21st century modern homes.

Every painting can be created in any size and any colour combination to suit my customers' specific wall spaces.

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