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Large Vertical Blue Ball Dream Tree

Large Vertical Blue Ball Dream Tree

Please meet another addition to the new range of our vertical upright paintings to suit my customers' high ceilings and narrow wall spaces.

There is a story behind these surrealistic Blue Ball Dream Trees.

The original design concept is based on the sad story of thousands and thousands of dead trees sticking out of Lake Malwali.

Did you know that Lake Malwali is a man made lake and when in 1954 the area was flooded all the trees got underwater and the trees suffocated and died.

That's the reason that even today if you visit the most popular holiday resorts in Yarrawonga situated right on Lake Malwali you can still see all these dead trees.

Except one small area which rose and came out of water and the threes in some miraclulous way have come back to life.

My range of these Blue Ball Dream Trees capture the unique moments of revitalised life as life returns into these once dead trees.

A lot of my art loving fans told me that my paingings of these Blue Ball Dream Trees are rediating happiness and the power of revitalised life.

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