Giovanni Kennedy's

Inside Giovanni Kennedy's art gallery, you’ll find some of the most beautiful, thought-provoking paintings from one of the most talented artists in the country, Giovanni Kennedy. All these pieces are unique, one-off artwork of stunning quality that we can guarantee you’ll love. And if you don’t, there’s no fear.


Enjoy Giovanni’s unique impressionist, abstract and surrealistic style and colour compositions to brighten up your home.


High-quality oil paintings on canvas portraying the most famous Melbourne icons.

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Beautiful oil paintings, any size and any color composition to suit your home


Australian art from an Australian artist.


Free delivery to all of Australia.


Buy original Oil Paintings signed by Giovanni Kennedy.



Browse our range of stunning original oil paintings in our studio or online art gallery

Art Consultation

Discuss your home décor design ideas with Giovanni Kennedy, the artist himself.

Custom Painting

Engage Giovanni Kennedy to create that custom made original artwork you always dreamed of owning.


Giovanni will paint a stunning portrait of you and your loved ones, capturing your personality in a way that no camera can.


Each painting can be customised to your exact requirement, including size, colour, composition,

and even paint style.

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